Know How

For Commercial Property Managers of residential real estate, a license requirement according to § 34c trade regulations (GewO) is introduced in Germany for the first time on 1.8.2018. We achieved this license.

A condition for the granting of this permit is that the Real Estate Manager can prove his reliability, orderly financial circumstances as well as the conclusion of a professional liability insurance. We have an insurance covering 500.000 EUR per case.

Residential Property Managers and Real Estate Agents must also provide training of at least 20 hours within 3 years.

In addition, administrators and brokers are required to inform about completed training courses and thus to enable customers to get an idea of the professional qualifications.

Our trainings in 2018:

40 hrs.     Law in the real estate industry
40 hrs.     Construction project management
40 hrs.     Property rating
40 hrs.     Property management